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Hair Loss, Home Remedies For Hair Loss , Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

If anyone has thick hair on the head he looks very charming and confident.While, on the other hand, some people have the problem of hair loss they suffer a lot from this bad problem.There are several factors of hair loss and these are including aging too much stress, environmental effects, hormonal imbalances, the use of dangerous chemical products, excessive smoking, nutritional deficiencies, and also some certain medical condition like autoimmune diseases and the chronic disease.
So there are also some natural remedies to control hair loss problem.You can protect your natural and beautiful look from these remedies.

1. Amla For Hair Loss


Amla also called the Indian gooseberry.It contains vitamin C which is good to prevent the hair loss.Amla has the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.These properties promote the hair growth.


It is simple just get the one tablespoon of lemon juice and amla pulp make its proper mixture and then start to massage your scalp smoothly.Don’t forget to cover your hairs with a shower cap or with anything else.Leave it for a night and then shampoo your hair in the morning.This will help you a lot for hair growth.

2. Oiling


Oiling is also a very effective treatment for hair falling problem.When you massage your hairs thoroughly it really improves the blood circulation and also helps to nourishes your hair roots.After the oiling massage just cover your hairs and after 2 or 3 hours so wash your hair.

3. Green Tea


Green tea has the ingredients in it like antioxidants which stops the hair loss and promotes the hair growth. According to your need soak 2 or 3 tea bags in one or two cups filled with hot water.When the water gets cold by the time going pass just put this water on your scalp and starting the massage of it. It is a very useful remedy.

4. Licorice root


There are some herbs in the world which are very good for our hair and licorice is very special for this cause. It boosts the hair growth and also controls the hair fall.It also helps you to get relax from the dandruff problem.


Get the one tablespoon of licorice root and a quarter teaspoon of saffron then make the paste by adding these to one cup of milk. Drop it on your scalp and leave it for a night.

5. Aloe Vera For Hair Loss


By using the aloe vera we can get rid the problems of hair loss. The aloe vera juice helps to moisturize the hair which becomes dry in the summer season.It can also be very useful in relieving the scalp itching.If you apply the aloe vera juice on hairs and after it washes with the little warm water it would be positively affected by hair problems.

6. Coconut Milk


Coconut milk has the proteins and fats that are essentials for hair growing it also has the iron and potassium which is an ideal thing for hair to be healthy. The hair gets healthy the less thy break and starts to grow. It is tailor-made for the hair growth. So just use the coconut milk for hair growth and prevent breakage.

7. Fenugreek seeds


If you have thinning hair or suffering from the hair loss problem the use of fenugreek seeds is a fantastic remedy for this. It has the mind-blowing ability to settle the dandruff problem, hair loss and many other problems related to the hairs. As it contains the nicotinic acid and proteins that rebuilds the hair follicles.


Soak one glass of fenugreek seeds in water for almost one night. Then after grinding it and apply on the scalp and get huge of it.

8. Beetroot juice


The vitamins and other essentials which are the need for healthy hairs like vitamin C, B6, and the potassium these all are found in the beetroot juice. It’s a very beneficial remedy for hair loss and to strengthens hairs.


Boil the 8 or 9 beetroot leaves and get the 6 or 7 hena leaves and then grind them together. Use it to settle the hairs.

9. Egg Mask For Hair Loss


Most of the ingredients which are very effective for stronger hairs are found in the eggs. Like it contains protein, iodine, Zinc, sulfur, phosphorous and selenium these are the compulsory things for healthy hairs.


Get an egg, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. Then beat together three of these things and make a paste and fantastic remedy is prepared.

Home Remedies For Hair Loss Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

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