9 Night Habits To Look Beautiful On Waking

8. Whiten your teeth

Although it is not possible to whiten too much stained teeth, a weekly brushing with baking soda helps to clarify them. Apply the product with your toothbrush, let it act a couple of minutes and rinse.


9. Take care of the eyelashes

After removing all the makeup, apply a little castor oil on the eyelashes to nourish them and increase their volume.This product helps to strengthen them, prevents their fall and is ideal to stimulate their natural growth.In conclusion, if you dedicate a few minutes to night beauty habits you can take advantage of the rest period to stay beautiful and young.

Follow all these tips and note that, with small changes, you can achieve amazing results.

Today we will discover some nocturnal habits to look beautiful upon awakening. Let’s go there!

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